How to Extend the life of your Bathroom

If you’re planning to stay in your house for the rest of your life, consider renovating your bathroom with accessibility in mind. Along with kitchens, bathrooms are one of the spaces homeowners use the most. They also happen to be wet zones.

Reducing slip hazards and ensuring adequate lighting and maximum comfort are vital when creating an age-proof bathing space. Universal design features also make a bathroom more accessible for people of any age with a disability or an injury. These are just a few ideas will help make your bathroom safe and easy to use for decades to come.


Walk-In Showers

A walk-in shower or otherwise known as a curbless shower reduces the risk of tripping over a step as you enter the shower.  It is also considered barrier-free which means it is wheelchair accessible.


If you forgo a shower step, your shower floor will need to be properly sloped to allow water to drain correctly. If you do include a step, don’t make it large and bulky.


A walk-in shower can replace a bathtub if the space is limited, or it can be installed in tandem with a soaking tub in a larger bathroom.



Grab Bars

Sturdy grab bars provide something for you to hold on to as you’re entering and exiting the shower or sitting down on a shower bench or seat. Install one on the outside of your shower and on each of your interior walls so you can safely navigate the space.


Add a Niche

Shampoo and conditioner bottles, soap and other shower products need a place.  A niche is an excellent place to store these much-needed cleaning products.  They come already waterproofed and are available in several sizes.  It is easy to reach and keeps things off the floor. 


Add a Bench

A safe place to sit in the shower is vital for an age-proof bathroom design. Decreasing the amount of time, you stand in the shower not only eases the strain on your body, it also reduces the chances of slipping and falling. Be sure to install or buy a bench that is large enough to comfortably sit and bathe on.


 Walls and Floors

Porcelain can last a lifetime, so chances are you won’t have to replace it as you get older. It’s also perhaps the easiest surface to clean. Water and a rag normally do the trick.


No matter which kind of flooring you decide to put in your bathroom, choose one that has high slip resistance. To avoid a slick tile, consider mosaic tiles. Mosaic tiles range from simple squares to beautiful and architectural patterns. They will not only add interest to your bathroom, but they will serve as a slip-resistant floor. If you like large format tiles but are concerned about the slippage, there are products that can be applied to the tile to create a grip when wet.


Weather it is large format tile or mosaics grout is required to close the joints.  Polymer grout is most used today and is stain resistant.


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These are just a few ideas and suggestions to get you thinking.  Come into Marquis Tile to talk to one of our team members for more information and guidance on how to extend the life of your bathroom.




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