Bamboo and Cork Flooring Care, Cleaning & Maintenance

Proper care and maintenance of your cork or bamboo flooring will keep it looking its best and help it to last as long as possible. Bamboo is treated as a hardwood when it comes to cleaning and general care, so if you have ever mopped a hardwood floor, you’re already well on your way to caring for a bamboo floor.

Like any floor covering, a little TLC with cork will go a long way. The first step is to keep the surface of it clean. Dust, dirt and sand acts like sandpaper to mar the surface, wear away the protective finish and dull the shine.

This flooring guide discusses Cork and Bamboo flooring and its unique cleaning and maintenance needs. To learn more about these types of home flooring, visit the full Consumer Buying Guide or  Installation Guides.

Cleaning Tools, Supplies & Methods of Cleaning

A list of cork flooring maintenance tools is pretty simple. It includes a soft broom or lightweight vacuum with a suction-only mode, a mop and bucket, floor cleaner approved for cork flooring and soft clothes for spot-cleaning.

To clean your cork flooring, start with a soft-bristled broom is best. For vacuums choose either a light vacuum without a bristle bar or one that has a “Hard Surface” setting that doesn’t engage the bar.

If any liquid spills onto the floor, remove it as quickly as possible. If it sits on the flooring, it may get into the cork, causing it to swell and possibly staining it.

Place mats at doors for foot-wiping and also at sinks to catch any splashes or drips. Choose mats made of natural, absorbent fabric. If it gets wet, remove it from the floor. Vacuum or launder the mats frequently and mop beneath them to remove abrasive dirt.

Try to avoid the use mats with a rubber backing because they can trap moisture against the floor and cause swelling or staining.