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Feel the comfort of durable and fine flooring under your feet when you step onto hardwood or tiles from Marquis Tile. Keeping in mind every taste, space, style, and idea, we carry a range of flooring products in Windsor. Over the years, we have created a collection that is as unique and colourful as the lifestyle of the personalities we cater to.

At Marquis Tile, we believe in enhancing your lifestyle by making your living spaces look stunning. Since our inception in 1996, we've built ourselves to be a top choice for homeowners, contractors, builders and interior decorators.

Besides flooring, we also offer sleek wall tiles, tailor-made countertops, and appealing backsplashes. Our extensive portfolio of flooring products is designed, keeping into consideration their durability and value.

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Enhance the natural aesthetic of your home with our products:

Signs That Your Flooring Needs Replacement

It is no surprise that your flooring is bound to get old and worn out due to general wear and tear. When your flooring issues are not addressed on time, they can lead to severe damage and lower the value of your property.


We have curated a list of some of the most commonly visible signs that can help you understand when it's time for a flooring replacement:

  • When the stains won't go away even when you have tried everything.
  • When you observe cracks all over the flooring.
  • When your flooring is making strange creaking sounds.
  • Some flooring, like carpet, can act up your allergies (if any), so it's always better to get them replaced.


You can also consider replacing your flooring if you are renovating or upgrading your home. It is suggested that you hire a flooring professional for the project.


Looking to revamp your floors? Have a look here and see what benefits you will get with new floors:

Added value

If you want to enhance your property's value, a new floor can be the right way to start. By enhancing the property's aesthetic appeal with the right flooring, you will definitely be able to attract more buyers.

Save money on utilities

The specifications associated with various flooring can help you save money on utilities. For instance, carpet flooring can keep your home warm in the winter due to its insulating qualities. On the other hand, laminate, tile, stone and hardwood floors can stay cool in the summer months.

Visual upgrade

Lastly, adding new flooring is the most dramatic way to change the appearance of a room. Newer flooring that matches your taste can help you bring your interiors together. For commercial properties, this means leaving a positive impression on your clients, visitors and patrons.

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Over the years, we have answered countless questions about selling and installing flooring. From installation information and tiling tips to buying guides and handy hints, we have compiled them all for your convenience. You can find this information for all products on their respective pages on our website. Call us or visit our showroom to discuss your next flooring project. You can also visit our flooring showroom in Windsor, and we can help you make an informed decision.

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