Maintenance, Care and Cleaning of Vinyl & Linoleum

Linoleum and vinyl flooring is popular because it is affordable but also because it is so easy to care for. Unlike hardwood flooring or cork flooring, it stands up well to water, so you can use a mop with plenty of warm, soapy water for the cleaning. Just make sure you mop up excess water afterwards.

All flooring needs to be cleaned and maintained to look good and last as long as possible. The key with linoleum and vinyl flooring is to get dirt, sand and debris off it. These materials are abrasive, and if you walk on them repeatedly, they will scratch, mar and dull the floor’s finish.

This guide to Vinyl flooring covers care, cleaning, and maintenance. To learn more about other aspects of vinyl flooring, see our guide on Installation and of course, a great place to start is the complete Consumer Buying Guide which gives detailed information on how the materials are made, current trends, styles and more.

General Care

Sweep your floors a couple of times per week or more, depending on the level of traffic they receive. You can use a vacuum cleaner, but choose one that is made for hard flooring.

Once the dust is up, use a floor cleaner designed for vinyl flooring and mix it with warm water. Be sure to rinse the floors well since soap residue can dull the floor’s shine. A damp mop and warm water works very well.

Using felt cushioning pads on furniture legs can help reduce scratching on your vinyl  flooring. Use them on all furniture but especially chairs that are frequently moved and heavy furniture.